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Frequently Asked Questions
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    Q: What exactly is Maven? I understood it can build projects and do some more things, but didn't get the idea of using it.

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    Q: What do we do when a ticket has status "analysis accepted" but the "design" section is already written? Do we wait the owner to change its status or else?

    • Message #27

      What do you mean? Analysis accepted is analysis_ok or analysis_finished phase.

  • Message #3

    Q: What is a module and how is it different from a component?

  • Message #4

    How do I commit reports (there are no instructions about that in the wiki)?

  • Message #5

    Why is focus time not observed?

  • Message #6

    Can I work from home without asking the team leader every time I decide to do that?

  • Message #7

    Are the actual working hours extracted from reports only (what if I miss a report or underestimate the time spent on a given task)?

    • Message #28

      They can also be extracted from the internal backlog - Daily Availability. That's why it is so important to fill it regularly and to write every day your daily reports.

  • Message #8

    What are extensions/extension points?

  • Message #10

    What is a Desktop Publishing System?

  • Message #11

    Are there going to be any integration and possibilities to edit files created with Sophie's competitor programs such as Adobe InDesign, etc.?

  • Message #12

    What do I need to read in order to get involved in the project?

    • Message #29

      At first you should read the DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW document and all the pages it links to.

  • Message #13

    Which are Sophie's advantages compared to other competitive products for desktop publishing?

  • Message #14

    Where can I get more explanation on a specific task?

    • Message #30

      You can get it from our work breakdown structure file( in the repo/manage/shed folder. There are many useful descriptions of the tasks. You can also get more info from the Sophie 2 Requirement Specification which will be added in the repository soon.

  • Message #15

    Can I run Sophie 2 on a non-supported operating system?

    • Message #25

      Where can I find a consistent specification for Sophie2?


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