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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2527 Implement bulleting s1a_analysis_started deyan feature major Y1
#2528 Skin "Wrap mode" label in Appearance HUD s3c_implementation_ok meddle tweak major Y1
#2530 [html] Create unsupported content type frame s3a_implementation_started antoni bug major Y1
#2531 Change frame outline s3c_implementation_ok meddle tweak major Y1
#2532 Page structure palette improvements s3c_implementation_ok meddle tweak major Y1
#2533 [ipad] Remove books from trash s3c_implementation_ok mira feature major Y1
#2534 [ipad-app] Handle deleted or broken books in reader s3c_implementation_ok mira tweak major Y1
#2535 [ipad-app] Client crashes when the book http address is misspelled s3c_implementation_ok mira bug major Y1
#2536 [ipad-app] Use shadowed text for book titles in app s3c_implementation_ok tweak major Y1
#2537 Implement foreground alpha for frames s3c_implementation_ok meddle feature major Y1
#2538 Colors not saved properly when using Java7 s3c_implementation_ok meddle bug major Y1
#2539 Implement fade in and out for frames s3c_implementation_ok meddle feature major Y1
#2540 [html] Exported resources should be exported once per instance new tweak major Y1
#2542 [html] Not synced background audio is not exported s3c_implementation_ok antoni feature major Y1
#2543 [ipad-app] Add library dialog tweaks s3c_implementation_ok bug major Y1
#2544 [html] Improve audio sync of exported books s3c_implementation_ok antoni tweak major Y1
#2545 [ipad-app] In app search s3c_implementation_ok feature major Y1
#2549 [ipad-app] Search should filter results on each letter s1b_analysis_finished deyan tweak major Y1
#2550 [ipad-app] Several bugs s3c_implementation_ok bug major Y1
#2551 [ipad-app] Replace "Sophie:" logo and about dialog from book view title bar s3c_implementation_ok tweak major Y1
#2552 [html] Incorrect page positions s1b_analysis_finished bug major Y1
#2555 Wrap mode is not preserved on copy/paste new bug major Y1
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