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#2209 text-halos-wrong-pos - when you have line with more than one text size, halos stay at top bug major 2.0 later
#2210 pwa-scrollbars-misbehaving - When book window is maximized too many scrollbars appear. bug major 2.0
#2219 selected-item-from-skins-must-be-inactive - When a skin is selected it must be inactive in the skins menu. tweak major 2.0 obsolete
#2267 book-window-scrollbars-are-not-effected-by-zooming-out bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2276 save-as-resets-book-window -- On save as book window options are lost deni bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2277 save-as-resets-resource-naming -- On save as, resource naming starts from beginning bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2282 improve-file-dialog -- Icons for files tanya tweak major 2.0 obsolete
#2283 improve-button-artwork -- Open preview, outline, media controls in HUD, server, pages tweak major 2.0 obsolete
#2285 book-window-scrollbars -- Book window scrollbars appear incorrectly when page is zoomed out tweak major 2.0 obsolete
#2286 book-panel-search-field -- Search field is unclear. Add "Search" grey italics label tweak major 2.0 later
#2297 dnd-between-books-wrong-size – When you drop a resource from another book, the created frame is with default size (280x210) bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2322 redesign paragraph hud in order to improve space utilization in Sophie. dido unplanned_task major 2.0 obsolete
#2323 redesign character hud in order to improve space utilization in Sophie. dido planned_task major 2.0 obsolete
#2324 redesign align hud dido bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2325 redesign appearance hud bug major 2.0 fixed
#2326 APPEREANCE-BACKGROUND-SUB-HUD stefan feature major 2.0 obsolete
#2339 app-ui-consistent-labels - We have mixed capital and small letters in the labels. bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2345 ui-labels -- Sophie menus and palettes/tabs are too much book-oriented tweak major 2.0 invalid
#2346 tab-label-color -- Blue tab name is not readable tweak major 2.0 later
#2347 dnd-chaining – Need to be able to chain frames via DragNDrop tweak major 2.0 later
#2348 full-screen-book-window -- Full screen mode doesn't resize the document window when it's maximized. bug major 2.0 obsolete
#2349 tab-reorder – Reordering tabs introduces gaps bug major 2.0 later
#2201 LINKS_HUD_UI_GRAPHICAL_APPEARANCE dido tweak critical 2.0 fixed
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