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#2119 timeline-zoom-control -- impossible to access timeline zoom controls bug critical uncategorized 2.0
#2131 tab-field-changing - Scrolling between fields in dialogs and HUDs should select the next value diana bug critical uncategorized 2.0
#2133 WEB_SEARCH_R0 milen unplanned_task major uncategorized 2.0
#2147 TEXT_CHAIN_AUTO_R0 mira unplanned_task major uncategorized 2.0
#2148 EXTERNAL_LINKS_R0 deni unplanned_task major uncategorized 2.0
#2149 link-text-color - Link background is colored instead of the link text. bug critical uncategorized 2.0
#2150 There are numerous problems with the z Order. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2151 There must be possibility for more than one action associated with one trigger. deni bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2152 When selecting text only the text background changes. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2154 empty-wave-crash -- When trying to play empty .wav Sophie stops responding. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2160 BOOK_BACKGROUND_AUDIO_R0 deni unplanned_task major uncategorized 2.0
#2161 Imported .pdf file displays only the first page. pap bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2164 Script window issues. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2165 SHRINK_DISRIBUTIONS_SIZE_R0 tsachev unplanned_task critical SOPHIE_END_PRODUCT 2.0
#2166 copy-paste-styled-text - Copy and paste external formatted text deni feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2167 copy-paste-frames -- copy and paste frames inside Sophie deni feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2168 link-actions-control-media - Play, stop and pause for the media frames diana feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2169 ui-timeline-overhaul-1 - Timeline palette should be revised deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2170 ui-refine-utilization kyli tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2171 nfr-autochain-performance - Sophie autochaining is very slow when working with large texts. mira tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2172 applet-deploy -- Upload some demo books on the server deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2173 nfr-better-text-rendering -- Character spacing between some characters. tanya tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2174 app-busy-indicator - Show a hourglass when Sophie is working pap tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2175 links-text-highlighting - The default for a text trigger is to change the background color instead of the text. deyan bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2176 pdf-frame-controls feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2177 media-slider-resize - Resize media slider with frame diana tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2178 link-actions-go-to-prev-page - Go to previous page link action diana feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2179 link-actions-timeline - Play, stop and pause for timelines stefan feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2180 media-hud-controls - Toggle show of media controls. deni feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2181 media-frame-controller-position - The author should be able to decide whether the controls will be inside or outside the content of the media frame. feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2182 color-picker-predefined-colors - Predefined colors (around 20) in addition to advanced HUD todor feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2183 embedded-frame-content-hud - Page controls on/off, eventually their position deni feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2184 field-scrolling-behaviour tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2185 external-dnd - Drag resources from Finder to Sophie deni feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2186 link-hud-refine - Better UI to use less space and more intuitive tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2187 frame-naming deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2188 media-frame-controller-rewind feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2189 browser-frame-input feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2190 links-annobeams feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2191 book-level-timeline feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2192 frame-anchoring feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2193 wrap-mode-inline feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2194 frame-duplicate - Duplicate frames using Ctrl+D feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2195 link-actions-z-order deyan feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2196 book-controls feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2197 media-hud-looped - Set up looped from the HUD stefan feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2198 media-hud-clip - Set up clipping from the HUD stefan feature critical uncategorized 2.0
#2199 media-slider-drag - Drag media slider in addition to clicking diana tweak critical uncategorized 2.0
#2200 LINKS_HUD_UI_MANAGING_LINKS pap tweak critical LINKS 2.0
#2201 LINKS_HUD_UI_GRAPHICAL_APPEARANCE dido tweak critical ui_consistency 2.0
#2202 LINKS_HUD_UI_TOOLTIPS dido tweak major LINKS 2.0
#2204 disable-html-export -- Turn off the export to HTML feature todor tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2205 default-font - The default font says Monospaced, but it's not deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2206 timeline-channels-not-playing - When you create a timeline and save it, it is not played after reload bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2207 text-focus-lost - The focus of text frame is lost bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2208 cursor-wrong-size - If you change size of the text at the first position of an empty paragraph bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2209 text-halos-wrong-pos - when you have line with more than one text size, halos stay at top bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2210 pwa-scrollbars-misbehaving - When book window is maximized too many scrollbars appear. bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2211 search-in-the-book - The Search palette doesn't work properly. diana bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2212 intented-paragraph-wrong-navigation - Mouse click does not put cursor where it should bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2213 text-size-choose - When you type in a string in the chooser, an exception is thrown bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2214 close-frame-delete-dialog - When you close frame delete dialog with "X", the frame is deleted bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2215 content-replacing - When you drag a resource over a content of a frame, the content should be replaced feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2216 add-text-template -- „Chain mode“ should not be applied to non-text frames bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2217 empty-frames - Create a frame without a resource feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2218 book-icon-depends-on-book-title - The book icon stretches when the book title is longer. diana bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2219 selected-item-from-skins-must-be-inactive - When a skin is selected it must be inactive in the skins menu. tweak major ui_consistency 2.0
#2220 paragraphs-with-same-content-have-same-styles - Paragraphs that have same content have same formatting. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2221 BOOK_BACKGROUND_AUDIO_R1 meddle unplanned_task major MEDIA_CONTENT 2.0
#2223 text-caret-do-not-follow-selection - The text caret always stays after the rightmost selected character. bug minor uncategorized 2.0
#2224 text-wrong-navigation -- When you edit a paragraph, down arrow places cursor incorrectly bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2225 text-cursor-position -- Cursor position is lost when you move the frame bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2226 style-changes-undo -- Undo does not discard text style changes bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2227 timeline-head-steps -- Make timeline PgUP/Down step 1000 msec deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2229 Java 5 cannot start application pap bug blocker uncategorized 2.0
#2230 double-clicking-on-search-result-must-focus-it - When double clicking on search result it must be selected. feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2231 disappearing-video-frame -- When you move fast timeline head, video frame disappears bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2232 platform-deploy -- mac too many apps in bar. tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2233 deleting-annotation-sets - When there are several anotation sets and you try to delete one, exception is thrown. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2234 stickies-timeline-halo - Stickies have a timeline halo which opens the page timeline HUD. tsachev bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2235 book-zoom-regional-settings - Now the zoom field depends on the regional settings of the pc. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2236 Connections palette throws assertion error. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2237 Drag over some palettes causes exception. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2239 mac-cant-open-url - Sophie throws an exception when trying to open URL link. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2240 server-paragraph-support Sophie server does not support paragraphs bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2241 native-processes-not-closing -- Native processes should be closed when not used meddle bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2242 select-word-doubleclicking -- Double clicking a word should select it in author mode deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2244 edit-server-not-working - Edit server only appears to be working. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2245 media-not-smooth -- When you play an audio, the timeline stops every 10 sec. meddle bug blocker uncategorized 2.0
#2247 undo-color-chooser -- Undo of choosing color is confusing deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2248 undo-gradient -- Setting gradient makes 2 changes bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2249 changes-lost-on-save-as -- When you save book as, you can't undo/redo anymore mira tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2250 fast-text-changes -- Text changes are saved only when you type slow mira bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2251 caret-not-following-chain -- Text caret does not go to the prev/next chained frame diana tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2252 resource-chooser -- Create a resource chooser to replace file chooser somewhere pap feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2253 mac-external-browser -- External links cannot be opened bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2254 mac-dock-over-application-on-fullscreen - When Sophie is on fullscreen the mac dock menu appears over the application. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2255 mac-fullscreen-switching - When fulscreen is switched F11 button doesn't turn the fullscreen off. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2256 insert-wrong-kind-of-resource - When you choose to insert one type of resource but actually insert other, Sophie throws an exceprion. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2257 page-templates -- Refine page templates deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2258 repleace-the-working-label dido bug major SOPHIE_END_PRODUCT 2.0
#2259 audio-tears-on-some-video-formats - Audio playback of some videos, goes silent periodically during playback. meddle bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2260 stickies-throw-an-exception-on-copy-paste - When trying to copy something from sticky or paste something in it, exception is thrown. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2261 media-on-windows-makes-sophie-uresponsive - When media is played on windows Sophie stops responding. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2262 problem-when-importing-stickies - When the book filename is changed, stickies ca nno longer be imported. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2263 copy-paste-text-frame-image-background - When trying to copy text frame between two books, the image background is lost. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2264 color-picker-not-hiding - Color picker hud stays open when not needed. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2265 copy-paste-in-reader - The user should be able to copy text from frames and stickies, and to paste text into stickies. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2266 undo-deleting-auto-chained-page-throws-exception - When undoing delete of autochained page exception occurs. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2267 book-window-scrollbars-are-not-effected-by-zooming-out bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2268 tab-button-size meddle tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2269 overwrite-text-from-beginning -- When you overwrite text from beginning, styling is lost bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2270 tab-in-text -- The tab in text frames should be "true" instead of 4 spaces bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2271 paragraphs-always-selected -- When you select whole paragraph and change aligment, selection is saved bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2274 add page buttons aren't drawn on Sophie startup bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2275 pasted-frame-names -- When you copy/paste a frame, it has the same name tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2276 save-as-resets-book-window -- On save as book window options are lost deni bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2277 save-as-resets-resource-naming -- On save as, resource naming starts from beginning bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2278 delete-resources-exceptions -- Deleting some resources that are in use is permitted mira bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2279 activation-channel-object-names -- Objects in the timeline palette are named "New Resource" instead of actual names bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2280 frame-names-dnd -- Frames created via drop are named "nullFrame" bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2281 consistent-time-format -- Times should be consistent in the application stefan bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2282 improve-file-dialog -- Icons for files tanya tweak major ui_consistency 2.0
#2283 improve-button-artwork -- Open preview, outline, media controls in HUD, server, pages tweak major ui_consistency 2.0
#2284 improve-halos -- New group halos, color changes in text halos deyan tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2285 book-window-scrollbars -- Book window scrollbars appear incorrectly when page is zoomed out tweak major ui_consistency 2.0
#2286 book-panel-search-field -- Search field is unclear. Add "Search" grey italics label tweak major ui_consistency 2.0
#2287 double-clicking-books -- Double clicking Sophie files should open them feature major uncategorized 2.0
#2289 text-undo-misbehavior - There are some odd thigns about text undo. bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2290 book-properties-dialog-fields-size - The fields in the book properties dialog are not drawn properly. pap bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2292 mac issue: keyboard shortcuts in bug reporting interface are wrong bug minor uncategorized 2.0
#2293 copy-image-to-pwa – Paste images from Clipboard deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2294 copy-image-from – Copy images to Clipboard tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2295 copy-paste-in-palette – Should be able to copy/paste resources in the palette tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2296 scroll-between-books – Ctrl+Tab throws an exception when it should show Desktop bug major uncategorized 2.0
#2297 dnd-between-books-wrong-size – When you drop a resource from another book, the created frame is with default size (280x210) bug major ui_consistency 2.0
#2298 obsolete-dialogs – Undoable operations should not have confirmation dialog tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2299 export-support – Should be able to export s2 and binary resources tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2300 drag-out – Should be able to drag resources out of Sophie deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2301 copy-paste-files-to – Should be able to paste files in Sophie deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2302 copy-paste-files-from – Should be able to paste files from Sophie deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2303 background-drop-zome – Create 15px invisible drop zone for background deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2304 resource-change – Add ability to change resources of existing frames deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2305 dnd-interaction-new-frames deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2306 dnd-interaction-background deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2307 dnd-interaction-templates deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2308 dnd-apply-templates – Apply templates via drag and drop deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2309 dnd-apply-templates-2 Apply templates via drop over page structure palette deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
#2310 dnd-page-reorder-func – Add reordering page functionality via drag and drop deni tweak major uncategorized 2.0
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