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Priority: minor (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Milestone Component
#2567 [html] Bottom bar is hidden when console is displayed s3c_implementation_ok tancheto Y1 uncategorized
#2572 [IpadApp] Unpinning pin button on use of the navigation buttons new Y2 uncategorized
#2573 [HTMLReader] Unvisible embedded book frames blinking new Y2 uncategorized

Priority: major (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Milestone Component
#2530 [html] Create unsupported content type frame s3a_implementation_started antoni Y1 uncategorized
#2535 [ipad-app] Client crashes when the book http address is misspelled s3c_implementation_ok mira Y1 uncategorized
#2538 Colors not saved properly when using Java7 s3c_implementation_ok meddle Y1 uncategorized
#2543 [ipad-app] Add library dialog tweaks s3c_implementation_ok Y1 uncategorized
#2546 [ipad-app] Dialogs appear erratically s3c_implementation_ok Y1 uncategorized
#2547 [ipad-app] There's a gray line in the leftmost side of the reader s3c_implementation_ok Y1 uncategorized
#2550 [ipad-app] Several bugs s3c_implementation_ok Y1 uncategorized
#2552 [html] Incorrect page positions s1b_analysis_finished Y1 uncategorized
#2553 When page template is applied, frames share the same content s1b_analysis_finished Y1 PAGE_ELEMENTS
#2555 Wrap mode is not preserved on copy/paste new Y1 uncategorized
#2556 [html] Text tabulation fix s3c_implementation_ok antoni Y1 uncategorized
#2558 [html] Memory leaks in JS and DOM s3b_implementation_finished antoni Y1 uncategorized
#2560 QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR on ipad s3c_implementation_ok meddle Y1 uncategorized
#2562 [ipad-app] Sometimes covers do not appear in the reader s1c_analysis_ok Y1 uncategorized
#2563 [html] The app crashes due to low memory while browsing a book s1b_analysis_finished Y1 uncategorized
#2568 [html] Page swipe does not work after a mistake has occurred s3b_implementation_finished antoni Y1 uncategorized
#2571 [ipad-app] Research the reason for the downloading bar progress s1b_analysis_finished Y1 uncategorized
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