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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Status Modified
#2549 [ipad-app] Search should filter results on each letter Y1 deyan s1b_analysis_finished 12/09/11
#2552 [html] Incorrect page positions Y1 s1b_analysis_finished 12/27/11
#2553 When page template is applied, frames share the same content Y1 s1b_analysis_finished 12/09/11
#2558 [html] Memory leaks in JS and DOM Y1 antoni s3b_implementation_finished 01/13/12
#2563 [html] The app crashes due to low memory while browsing a book Y1 s1b_analysis_finished 01/11/12
#2566 [html] Modify tags in the manifest XML Y1 tancheto s3b_implementation_finished 01/23/12
#2568 [html] Page swipe does not work after a mistake has occurred Y1 antoni s3b_implementation_finished 01/13/12
#2571 [ipad-app] Research the reason for the downloading bar progress Y1 s1b_analysis_finished 01/17/12
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