Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on 09/11/08 18:16:41

The Book Panel - controls what is seen in the book window and also provides Page navigation controls:

  • Zoom percentage - by default will be set to 100%, which can be adjusted. Zooming will adjust the book window size as much as possible. If the page size is larger than can fit in the window, scroll bars will be generated.
  • Quick search bar- entering text and the up and down buttons next to the text field will search the currently visible page for that text. If the text is found, it will be selected. If more than one result is generated on the page, the up and down buttons can move between the results.
  • Left and right page buttons and the current page number - here
  • Show Frame Bounds - if on, the frames around objects on the page are displayed, as are the light gray frames that indicate margins and padding.
  • Author Preview Mode - if turned on, Sophie goes into Preview mode. It applies to the current book, where the check-box is ticked.