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    3232You already have everything needed to develop Sophie2 :) 
    3436= 1. The Project = 
    3537 '''The Goal'''. The most important part of a project is its goal. So, the goal of our project is to take the good aspects of Sophie and optimize them, as well as to remove the bad ones. [[BR]] 
    4951'''Additional'''. The non-development side of the project is described in the [wiki:PROJECT_OVERVIEW] document. There you can read some things about Astea, Sophie, the license we use, and other useful things. 
    5155= 2. The Process = 
    5256This chapter includes the states of each task until it is completed, the rules you have to follow when performing a task, some good/bad examples. The "writing reports" thing is also placed here. [[BR]] 
    5862The process is executed with the help of Trac - the issue tracking system we use. If you have problems with using it, go to [wiki:TracGuide]. 
    6066= 3. The Product = 
    6167'''Design'''. Here will be some of the main design features, which are present in Sophie2.  
    6672 * Distributions: the distribution is the end product an user will see on his/her hard drive after installing the edition. In order to be fully functional, a distribution has to provide executables and/or some other needed resources.The problem here is the way we provide these things, and the solution is the /distrib directory (look again at [wiki:PLATFORM_STRUCTURE platform structure]). [[BR]] 
    6773 * High-level design. This refers to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. Its idea is to define how the model and the view interact each other. There is a MVC tutorial at [wiki:CORE_MVC_BASE]. There is a problem with the standard MVC pattern, and it is that it becomes too complicated in this particular project. This is why Properties are introduced here. So, each model in Sophie2 is defined by a property. This way the controller is replaced by Logics, and this simplifies the whole pattern. The properties are represented by the ProLib library, and you can read the important Properties tutorial here: [wiki:PRO_LIB_CORE_TUTORIAL]. [wiki:PRO_LIB_CORE_CODE_TEMPLATES This page] defines useful code templates for properties. [[BR]] 
    6977= 4. Extras =