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Development Overview

This page contains all the information you need in order to start working on the Sophie2 Project.

Getting Started

Technologies used


This is our project management system that includes bug and issue tracking as well as an integrated wiki. The home page of the Trac project is Information about using the Trac can be found under PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW.

Java Development Kit

Sophie2 is written in Java. That means you have to install Java Development Kit if you want to develop it. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required for running the project.


Eclipse is the primary IDE tool used for developing Sophie2. More information about Eclipse and JDK can be found under PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW

Subversion (SVN) client

Subversion is the version control system that we use. More information and useful links about it can be found under PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW


Maven is a build manager used in the Sophie2 project. You can download the latest version from


  • Subversion client
  • Repository
  • Maven
  • Eclipse



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Performing tasks

  • Writing analysis
  • Task Tips
  • Writing reports
  • Coding *Code Tasks Requirements *Coding Conventions *Code Smells *Writing Javadoc *Logging
  • Testing
    • Manual Tests
    • Auto Tests