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    6666  * depending on the aligning option chosen, all the elements' position will be changed. 
    6767  * some helper methods might be needed to compute the position of every element. 
    68   * BoundCheckBoxes will be used for aligning the elements. They should be put in a ButtonGroup so that only one check box is ticked at a time. 
    69   * The check boxes in will have the following names: 
    70    * Align left 
    71    * Align top 
    72    * Align bottom 
    73    * Align right 
    74    * Align vertically 
    75    * Align horizontally 
    76   * Checking a box button will perform an alignment. 
    77    * Some of the alignments have opposite alignments. 
    78    * Others are irreversible. 
     68  * Aligning controls will be JButtons. Create a class AlignElementsButton that is a BaseSwingVisualElement. 
     69   * Define the size of the button and provide the actual JButton in the swingComponent's resource property. 
     70  * The actual computations and changes will be performed in extending classes which will override a click() method. These classes should also add their skin parameters - title and tooltip. They should be six and bellow are listed their corresponding titles and tool tips. 
     71   * Align left, "Click to align selected elements' left sides." 
     72   * Align top, "Click to align selected elements' top sides." 
     73   * Align bottom, "Click to align selected elements' bottom sides." 
     74   * Align right, "Click to align selected elements' right sides." 
     75   * Align vertically, "Click to align selected elements' vertically." 
     76   * Align horizontally, "Click to align selected elements' horizontally." 
    7977= Implementation = 
    8078^(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))^