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Platform standards general will contain the standards of the task results.

Task requirements

  • You must create general standards of the results.
  • Describe:
    • what are the kinds of results(diagrams, how-to, documentation...)
    • that the results of the tasks must be visible
    • what is common with the platform standards and what is not included in the subtasks of this task
    • where and how to keep the proceed task phases
    • where to keep the review of the task phases (some sorts of logs for example)

Task result

The result of this task must be wiki page.

Implementation idea

Create wiki page with list of the possible task results.

How to demo

Show the wiki page. And answer the questions if there are any.


  • Task results can be:
    • a specification (produced in the analysis phase of each task)
    • a development document (produced in the design phase). Can also be the final result of a task.
    • a diagram (usually as a part of a specification or development document)
    • a how-to (usually as a part of a development document)
    • source code (produced in the implement phase of most tasks).
    • a review (done after each phase). This decides whether the task can proceed to the next phase.
    • There is no task without a visible result
  • Each revision of every task should have its page in Sophie 2 wiki. It should have different parts for the task's phases. These parts can contain either text and images or links(or embedded pages).
    • You can use PageTemplates/TaskPageTemplate#Implementation as a template for task pages.
    • source code is kept in the Sophie 2 repository.
    • specification may be part of the System Requirements Specification(SRS). If this is the case it should be in the SRS tree of the wiki.
    • some special tasks may have their result stored in separate wiki pages. This task is an example.


Created PLATFORM_STANDARDS_GENERAL describing how implementation results should be stored.



  • Analyzing : Pavlina, Todor(done: 20 mins)
    • Review: 3.5 by Tanya
  • Designing : pap (done: 30 mins)
    • Review: 3 by Tanya
  • Implementing : Deyan (done : 5.5 h)
    • Review: 3.5 by Tanya
  • Testing :