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This task concerns about the server logic, related to dealing with resources. It depends on S2S_PERSIST_RESOURCES_R0.

Task requirements

Currently, only the information about books/users is persisted on the server. We need a functionality for persisting other resources (groups,frames, media, etc.)

  • Extend the server core logic and improve it, if necessary.
  • Add the possibility to manage a concrete resource on the server. For possible actions, see BASE_RESOURCE_COMMONS_R0 and S2S_PERSIST_RESOURCES_R0.
  • The "persistence" module's functionality must be used for this. The implemented operations over a resource should be:
    • The resource can be created.
    • The resource can be modified.
    • The resource can be deleted.
    • The resource can be persisted.
    • The resource can be imported(exported) to a server.
    • The resource can be previewed.
  • Unit tests (and probably diagrams) must be provided.

Task result

Source code (updated org.sophie2.server.service, unit tests). Basic core logic for dealing with resources.

Implementation idea

Implement S2S_PERSIST_RESOURCES_R0 first.


How to demo

Show the new/updated classes, run unit tests.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)