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The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) contains the whole project divided to tasks. These task contain revisions, dependencies and some useful comments. This structure is important as the whole project depends on it. The structure is currently in a python file which eases various exports. These exports can be very useful.

Task requirements

The executor of this task should discuss with the team what exports are needed. Other tasks depend on this one, so please note them in Related section. For example, generate:

  • tracking issues(trac tickets)
  • page indexes
  • Task juggler files

Consider other exports which can be made(for example test cases with Tcw).

Requirements to the task result

The task result should be useful file in the repository. As this task is auxiliary, please see related tasks analysis for exact requirements. Consult with the related task's executor. You can attach or link results of your work here.

Implementation idea

See the bottom part of the python file for sample export functions.

(Here you can add related tasks that could be useful or helpful.)

How to demo

Open wiki and present tickets and iteration indexes. These are good demo of useful exports.


  • We will use the script to add tasks to the issue tracker. And implement a function in the python file to generate a CSV file.
  • We will use the python file to generate Index Page.
  • Currently, we would not need Task Juggler. It would be helpful for visualizing process.


  • All tasks are added in the Trac tracker using the sctypt and the python file. The outCSV() python function creates a SCV file.
  • Index page is created from the python file using the outMasterIndex() function.



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