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(The purpose of the analysis is to give as much as possible of the needed information for designing and implementing the task.)


Test tracking system is a web-based solution for tracking manual tests. This test tracker should be capable of showing (filtering) and arranging tests in various ways.

Task requirements

Choose a test tracking system (ex: TCW). Test tracking system should support:

  • user accounts
  • good relation (integration) with issue tracker
  • general tests - this section should contain test that should be repeated every month for example.

Requirements to the task result

The result should be a working TCW (or other) test tracking solution with good trac integration.

Implementation idea

Research and setup TCW. Create user accounts for existing developer and qa groups.


How to Demo

Here should be a link to TCW.


  • TCW will be the test cases management system in use for the time being.
  • Registered users will be Todor, Deyan and one Admin user. These are the only testers and the only ones having access for now.
  • We have only one project for the time being and that is Sophie2.0
  • We have only one version of Sophie for the time being and it is '2'.
  • We will use the default "Categories" and "Versions" that come by default with TCW.
  • The address of TCW is located on "" (DO NOT FORGET THE LAST SLASH).


  • implemented correspondingly to the 'Design'.



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