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App Plugin

Help System

Sophie Help

About Dialog

Bug Report Form


File Dialogs

Color Picker Dialog

Main UI

Basic GUI Elements

Main Window

Basic Menus

Status Bar

Sophie Layout


Plug-in Manager?

Plugin Manager Controlling?

Install a plugin?

Uninstall a plugin?

Enabling/Disabling a plugin?

Hot enable a plugin?

Hot disable a plugin?

Configuring Plugin Manager?

Configure a plugin?

Skins preferences?

Plugins Repository Client

Workspace settings?

Windows and Tabs Management

Window Menu

Switching Books

Opened Books Palette

Opened Books Tabbar

File Menu


Listing Resources?

Resources Tab

Filtering resources in Sophie

Adding/Removing resources

Importing/Exporting resources

Resources Properties

Resource Meta information

Resources Scope

Editing names of Resources

Comments of Resources

Edit target of a Resource

Preview of Resources?

Resource Preview Palette?

Editing resources in Preview Palette?

Resource's Versioning

List of changes

List of versions


Server Sessions?

Connecting To Servers


Auto Connect

Anonymous Connect

Registering users from Sophie?

Sophie Resource Browser?

Filtering Resources?

Browsing list?

Server resources management from Sophie?

Searching servers?


Book Window?

Books Desktop

Book Window

Book Panel

Book Modes

Book Sampling?

Book Templates

Book Templates Palette

Editing Book Templates

Book Templates as Resources

Sample Books?

Pages in a Book?

Page Templates

Page Templates Behaviour

Page Templates Palette

Page Templates as Resources?

Page Templates Editing

Page Level Editing

Page Preview Palette

Page Navigation

Page Navigation History?

Pages Navigating?

Managing Books?

Book Supported Formats

Book Exporting

File Operations with Books

Book Properties

Book Printing


Page Work Area

Page Zoom

Page Elements?

Page Elements Layout?

Page Grid?

Element Snapping?

Element Aligning?

Synthetic Elements?

Show Frame Bounds

Chained Frame Groups?

Chain Connections?

Anchoring Lines?

Element Focusing and Selection?

Page Properties?

Page Hud

Page Resize

Page Structure Palette


Frame Templating

Frame Templates?

Frame Templates Palette

Locking Frame Properties?

Frame Propeties Templates?

Frames Palette?

Frame Anchoring?

Anchor Halo?

Anchoring Modes?

Frame Properties?

Frame Hud

Bounding Properties?

Frame Placement?

Frame Position?

Frame Size?

Frame Rotation?

Frame Placement Point?

Frame Placement Bounds?

Frame Appearance Properties?

Frame Filling?

Frame Shadow?

Frame Opacity (Transparency)?

Appearance Halo?

Frame Main Properties?

Frame Z-order?

Frame Title?

Frame Content?