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Reported by: Astea Owned by: todor
Priority: 3 Milestone: M05_PRE5
Component: PROJECT_COMMUNITY Version: 2.0
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Category: SCS Effort: 0.5
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Analysis_owners: deyan Design_owners: todor
Imp._owners: todor Test_owners:
Analysis_reviewers: todor Changelog:
Design_reviewers: kyli Imp._reviewers:
Test_reviewers: Analysis_score: 3.5
Design_score: 3 Imp._score: 3.5
Test_score: 0


wiki page: SCS_REPO_MAINTENANCE_R4 - effort: 0.5d

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aren't the maintenance tasks supposed to be done at the beginning of the iteration.

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by todor

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comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by todor

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comment:6 Changed 14 years ago by kyli

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3p. This design is poor.

  • What should happen after the implementor discusses the merging? There is no point of just making discussions.
  • Instead of pasting wrong information about creating a tag, you should fix the wrong names in PLATFORM_STANDARDS_REPOSITORY and maybe just link the correspondinig paragraph. One more thing: when you open "tags", you will see 2 tags, which do not apply the rules. You should either change the rules or rename these tags. Furthermore, "release02-pre-alpha-3" is the tag, mentioned in the requirement (I guess), which means this paragraph in the design is useless.
  • About the wrong filenames, maybe the design should point how to fix them. And I believe the point of this task requirement was not to rename the wrong reports, but to discusss and remove/archive the obsolete information from the whole repository.
  • "make some corrections if needed" could not be part of the design, maybe a task requirement..

comment:7 Changed 14 years ago by todor

  • Status changed from s2c_design_ok to s3a_implementation_started
  • Imp._owners set to todor

the design contains instructions how to be created tag, depending on its purpose either it is back up tag or it is used by the release team it name can vary. i don't understand which are these "wrong names". this task is with effort 0.5, so it is unrealistic to expect to include documentation of the discussions here. i don't thing that "right click -> rename" should be included in the design phase, anyone working here should know how to rename files. and about removing obsolete information this is part of the global spec managing, because the only things that need to be removed for now are the unnecessary specification artifacts. when correcting PLATFORM_STANDARDS_REPOSITORY we must keep in mind that this task has only 2h for both design and implementation, so probably the things that could be revised and corrected for this time are only minor changes like typos. more general changes of the standards are part of platform standards task.

comment:8 Changed 14 years ago by todor

  • Status changed from s3a_implementation_started to s3b_implementation_finished


comment:9 Changed 14 years ago by deyan

  • Status changed from s3b_implementation_finished to s3c_implementation_ok
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Requirements could be better

comment:10 Changed 13 years ago by deyan

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