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wiki page: PROCESS_R3 - effort: 4d

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4p. Good design. The effort for this task is quite much, so you could include some discussions with team members in the design section.. to collect suggestions for improving the process, etc. A list with important documents is already present in the backlog, so if you decide to make a new one, please take care of the old - having many copies of a same document is not a good idea.

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by kyli

I meant "good analysis" :)

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taken for design

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Done, the design contains mainly the structure and more will be filled during implementation phase og the task.

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4p. You could include even some more information, like:

  • explain the kinds of meetings we have.
  • explain the usual format for each (I think most members often forget some things, like impediments for example).
  • before modifying the PROCESS page, take a look at the comments at the bottom.
  • as I proposed, discussions might be useful (but this is your decision).
  • when making separate page for each paragraph, keep in mind that navigation could be hard without including BackLinksMenu. Please, do not forget them :)

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I think this is a good implementation.

My main suggestions would be that this is a complicated document and it probably will not be read all at once, or understood all at once; it's something that people need to keep coming back to. For this reason, I think it might be useful to have a link to this page at the top of Developer Home just so it's in front of people more often.

It would also be useful to have a link to PROCESS/Simple at the top of the PROCESS page, in the overview section - this is mentioned in the design, but I can't find an actual link. I think this is important because the PROCESS document is big - the Simple page will help people get up to speed more quickly, and links to more detailed explanations.

But I think this is good & a big improvement.

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