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Links: Trigger and action should be inactive when no rule is selected

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Description (last modified by deyan) (diff)

Trigger and action dropdowns should be inactive when there is no selected rule from the rule dropdown in the link HUD.

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  • "Testers found the linking interface confusing; they claim it was easier in Sophie 1.0. I suspect that it's the need to click "+" before making a link - it looks like you can create a link without pressing "+" first. A tester complains that his link didn't work - it's hard to tell if the link didn't work or if he didn't click "+" first, so he wasn't actually creating a link."
  • "This didn't work for me. The layout of how to link was confusing - more so than the previous version I tried. I think I figured it out eventually, but then in previewing it it wouldn't work."

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Links are currently not working at all. They also do not use the LogicR3 methods, but the obsolete bound controls' ones. So:

  • Move all the "submitData" methods from LinksHud to separate OperationDef enums.
  • Replace all the getRef() usages there with appropriate logics, so the links won't change the original book but the previewed one.
  • In BoundComboBox, create a method computeActive() which determines whether to make the bound control enabled or not, e.g. whether the user will be able to select a value from the drop-down list. Its default value should be true.
  • Override this method in the bound combo boxes from the links hud, so that no comboBox will be editable before all previous boxes have values. This way the user will not be able to select trigger/action before pressing the "+" button.



comment:7 Changed 11 years ago by kyli

Merged to trunk in [6980].

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