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wiki page: PRO_LIB_LOCAL_CHANGE_SERVER_R0 - effort: 1d

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I have the following comments:

  • the proxy objects discussion is kind of confusing. Me and meddle didn't quite get what you meant by that so maybe you should some further clarification or remove it.
  • the setting "the frame to 5" example is also unclear so same applies for it.
  • the ChangeServer is meant to be only on the server not the client. The ChangeManager is meant to run on the client machine and actually be a client itself to the ChangeServer.
  • ChangeServer will actually merge changesets, not just changes.
  • I didn't also get the sentence with the internet connectivity
  • actually resources are ProObjects so they wouldn't need special treatment like new ResourseChange class or whatever. Also, it's not correct that all the changes that are generated locally on the ChangeManager should get uploaded directly to the ChangeServer running on the server.
  • I also don't get the "connection between change servers" related task requirements. Do you mean clustering the servers or maybe something else?
  • no task result is listed, which is a bit confusing what is actually expected from this task.
  • for some implementation ideas the use of local and remote change servers is a bit confusing too. Do you mean ChangeManagers and ChangeServers (it's just a terminology issue, I guess, but I want to make sure we speak the same language)?
  • Coalescing changes is not a matter of the change server (at least for now) but a matter of if/how the ProLib decides to do so (by using GroupChanges) or the developer (by using AutoChanges)
  • Maybe some more detailed how to demo scenario can be provided to actually see what happens step-by-step in a communication session between the ChangeManager and ChangeServer

I suppose these things might be a bit confusing for you if you haven't discussed them with someone in detail, so you're welcome to ask me or meddle for further clarification, if needed.

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As I understood it from Milo, this task was about a change server that runs on the client, ie "local" The idea is that the client would talk with this local server, which would collect the changes and sync them with a remote server. This would allow the client to be offline (ie not connected to the internet) and have changes from many books collected, then when the user connects to the internet, the local change server would connect to the remote change server and sync all of the changes.

Maybe you can talk with milo about this and see if I am totally off base here?

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