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  • Please close the bracket inside the following sentence Font (if present, else a default font
  • Also if the user don't have the desire font that is used inside the rtf file, the application should inform him somehow. Warning message should do the job.

Analysis Reviewed 3p (10m)

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I have some notes of course:

  • The test brings up the whole Sophie, your logic is mainly in ApplyRtfStylesUtility.java so you had to write small test for it and not that monster-test, you copy-pasted the bring up from some demo, for example this : System.setProperty("bundlesConfigFile", "http://"); is needed only for the demos to run :) I think It's comment is mine...
  • You should write 'equals' methods with the known object as calling for example "some string".equals(variable), and not variable.equals("some string"), because at that point the variable may be null and you get NullPointerException.
  • switch is better then 1000 if-else statements, better for reading at least...
  • I really don't like the use of ctrl+shift+F if you don't hyphenate your code correctly after that.
  • The design for this tasks is more than enough, I'm interested in exporting in rtf for the text... Is it gonna be easy with something similar to that util?

And write your identifier in the fields, it's 'diana', not 'didi', 'didi' will break the python script...

3p (25m)

comment:7 Changed 10 years ago by diana

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Merged to the trunk at [7872].


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