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There are numerous problems with the z Order.

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Description (last modified by todor) (diff)

  • At the moment when -z halo is pressed exception occurs.
  • The z order halos do not behave properly their icons do not change sometimes (only when pressed the first time they appear to be pressed).
  • The z order has problems with the page structure palette (probably this is part of the psp task).
  • There are some issues with the z order when grouping is involved.

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  • The exception appears because of a changing source of a tracking list. Since I don't understand too much of the ProLib, i don't know the exact reason of receiving this exception. But probably the easiest way to work around it, is to change the tracking list to a composing one.
  • For a page with 2 frames, only the first time some of the zorder halos is clicked something happens. Since the button is not active when nothing should happen, it seems to be broken. But it isn't :)
  • The Z-order told me that the problems with the PSP have been resolved (in other words, I found no problems with it :) ).
  • Some issues with the Z-order and the grouping will be fixed. Actually, the only one I found is, that the grouping does not preserve the z-order of the frames. This can easily be fixed with constructing the list of elements to group by iterating through the selectable views, not through the selected.


The implementation is performed according to the design in branches/private/kyli/2150.

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  • OK

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