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  • You dropped the requirement for "remember settings" checkbox without writing any reason why. You usually fail tasks for that.
  • I think you should've written that you'll change the BookInfo class too :)
  • I think modifyLooped is a better name than setLooped (we use this kind of "convention" in other immutables) as set gives tha notion of mutability.
  • I like that you added a toString of BookInfo
  • Some commented out code in BookTimeState. I hope this will get fixed in implementation.
  • A bit short :)

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Yeah, a bit short, but as a code that was the fix... as a fight with the media was very hard, though...
About the BookInfo, you are right, but you are murmuring again...
About the dropped thing, I didn't drop a whole requirement, and it's stupid for me :P
The modifyLooped is setLooped, because the other methods in the class were setStuff... I can not fix code now, because the task must be ready today...
The comments are cleared in the second or the third commit I think...

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  • I don't understand very well what the pageToBookTime private method in BookTimeState does. Actually I do understand but it could be better named and could have some sort of comment to describe it.
  • I don't like the way you split the getPageTime method of BookView in two rows - it is ugly.
  • I personally would like if we had all methods(even private) documented somehow.
  • I told you about how to use equals with constants.

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