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page-templates -- Refine page templates

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Description (last modified by todor) (diff)

Page templates

  • Creating a page template
    • Adding a page as template should create a new template and set the page to follow the template.
    • Changing a template should always be possible (from any child)
    • Page template should contain the following (chosen from the dialog)
      • Simple frames (with their keys)
      • Groups (with sub elements)
      • Chained frames (as simple frames, pointing the resource)
      • Auto chains
        • Frames as simple frames (or chained frames)
        • Chain identifier
  • Applying a page template
    • Existing frames are preserved (simple frames)
    • Existing auto chained frames are deleted in case the template contains frame(s) from the same chain (with the same identifier)
  • Optional - creating a new page from a template
    • Dragging a page template to the page preview palette should create a new page from this template
  • Page template dialog
    • Since frames are not affected by applying template, there is no need their sub elements to be listed in the dialog.


	timeline options
	Group A
		Frame A
		Frame B
		Group B
			Frame C
			Frame D
	Frame F

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Page template

  • Page options
    • background
    • border
  • Element list
    • Group On change - (group, ungroup) - Do not use (follow template for) this group
    • Frame
      • Part of template? On change (group; delete) - Do not use (follow template for) this element when re-applying template
      • Options On change (background, timeline, etc) - Do not use this option when re-applying template
        • o1
        • o2

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