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mac issue: keyboard shortcuts in bug reporting interface are wrong

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  1. Open Sophie on a Mac.
  2. Select Help > Send an Error Report
  3. Insert cursor in the top field, where the log is.
  4. Press command-A to select all.

Result: nothing happens. However: if you press control-A to select all, everything is selected; control-C will let you copy things.

The problem is that Mac users expect that keyboard shortcuts use the command key rather than the control key; this seems to be the case everywhere else in the interface. This has been a problem for bug reporting: a couple of users have told me that they could get an error report, but that they couldn't copy and paste it into an email because select all & copy don't work. When I tell them to use "control", it works; however, users wouldn't think to do that by themselves.

Solution: remap "control" key to "command" in this interface.

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Willy reports that this is also the case with the URL field in the link HUD:

(Mac Only Bug) When trying to paste a url in the link window on a Mac using the normal shortcut paste keys (command + v) it doesn’t paste it in the “Open URL” box. It actually gets pasted on the text window you are trying to create the link for. If I use the PC shortcut for paste (control + v) it works, but that’s not normal for Mac users.

I suspect this is also the case other places in the interface on the Mac, though the usual keyboard shortcuts work correctly when copying and pasting text or frames.

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