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Research about possible flash capabilities of Sophie 2.0.
Several things should be considered when reaserching:

  • Building the natives libraries (swfdec and cairo) under linux32, linux64, win32 and mac32i operational systems.
  • Check for libraries that swfdec and cairo depend on.
  • Looking for potential memory leek places in the code of the flash native.
  • Check the possibility of static building.

About the libraries:

  • Swfdec - is a library for decoding and rendering Flash animations.
  • Cairo is a software library used to provide a vector graphics-based, device-independent API for software developers. It is designed to provide primitives for 2-dimensional drawing across a number of different backends.

Result of the task should be wiki page and/or written document.

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The analysis points the task to answers the question "How can we integrate this libraries?" - and this part is fine. However "What are the capabilities of bought libraries?" - remains unclear for those unfamiliar with the research and should be documented in it. This will prevent appearance of requirements for features that could not be implemented.
The goal of this research as far as I understand it, should be "what" and "how hard" we could achieve with Flash. In order to do so, please include a list of capabilities for each library. It doesn't have to be very detailed, just to answer the question "What will the end user of Sophie will be able to do with Flash".

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  • Accept the design although it is not what I expected :)
  • Please for the implementation include the licenses of all the required libraries as this is something very important.
  • Actually it would be nice to mention the capabilities of the chosen libraries as this will make the research useful having future development in mind.
  • Also some guidelines for building may be written :)

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FlashResearch. It is not clear enough whether we need to care about licences of libraries used in swfdec and cairo.

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