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Component: BASE_GUI_LIB Version: 2.0
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wiki page: BASE_DND_R2 - effort: 2d

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  • The overview doesn't explain all the cases. Don't think this is a problem for now due to the short scope for this revision.
    • Elements in documents tab could allow drag functionality if we have time for that.
    • Also my doggy flaps and tabs are dragable in this version of the application. Not sure if they are going to be effected by this global manager you are talking about.
    • dragging elements from one palette to another is not explained, but will be nice to have in future revisions (if we are able to finish with more important tasks). Example: drag multiple resources from resource palette to page palette and drop the on specific page, or on specific book in documents tab (or open books tab), or on server inside server palette.
    • It's important to indicate what the user is dragging and where it could be dropped. More than one option here - from animations, to transparent preview(see my doggy components), cursor indication, highlight the hot spots etc.
    • Also we have(or will have) document windows for all supported resources, so basically we should allow the user somehow to open this via drag/drop interaction. Dropping resource on documents tab for example
  • However this task is too complicated to be fully determine in this point, so my opinion is that you should continue with the current scope and let the specification evolve during implementation

Analysis Reviewed 4p (1h)

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by deyan

Please take in mind considerations made there

  • There should be separators before and after Cut, Copy and Paste (and Delete) items
  • Menu items should be listed in this order

Also consider adding Delete menu item.

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by deyan

  • Cut Ctrl-X
  • Copy Ctrl-C
  • Paste Ctrl-V
  • Delete Delete

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  • No design-related code. (Tests ? :) )
  • The logic of the DND is not described. There are some event IDs but their arguments are not clear and we don't understand where will they be fired.
  • I think you should have in mind that it may be useful if the DND provides link behavior.For example when DND with ctrl and shift keys pressed
  • I don't see how can anyone understand how to implement his own DND behavior.
  • Meddle told you the other things :)

comment:9 Changed 10 years ago by deyan

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comment:10 Changed 10 years ago by deyan

Users miss drag and drop functionality

  • "...Also you could drag and drop all your media into or out of the bins which was very nice. That wasn't present in this version."
  • "Dragging from resource palette: This worked, but that palette was very confusing on which asset was which. Also it seemed like it said I had way more media assets than I recall either creating or importing. Again the old versions' "version" of the resource tab was much much better and clearer. Also this version did not have icons for the assets so it didn't seem at first glance that you could drag and drop with them."

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