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file-dialog-enter-behavior - When hitting enter on folder in the file dialog, whole folder is imported instead of opening it.

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  • Now when you try to insert item, if you accidentally press enter on folder Sophie tries to insert all its contents instead of opening it, the same happens iv you click on the insert button of the dialog.
  • This behavior is acceptable only if you want to import resources from the resource palette, but even then we should consider asking for folders containing too many resources.


2367.patch (3.2 KB) - added by stefan 10 years ago.

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Analysis doesn't says what should be done - the options are two:

  • should enter behave as "open folder".
  • should enter as if u want to insert all items.

But, it was discussed that its better to open the folder instead of importing it.

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The fix for this bug is only few lines added in the FileDialog class. In the show(...) method, in the part of handling the APROVE submit (hitting ENTER or "Import" button), is checkedwhether the selected item (one item) is firectory - if so, the selected item is opened. Otherwise, if selected item is file, or there are several selected items, including folders, all of them are imported.
Related code:

case JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION:
	File files[] = input.isMultiSelectEnabled() ? this.fileChooser.getSelectedFiles() : new File[] { this.fileChooser.getSelectedFile() };
	if (files.length == 1 && files[0].isDirectory()) {

Patch is attached to the ticket.

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  • Merged into the trunk at [8925].
  • This is good to be included in the release, but:
    • The point with the resource palette is not taken in mind.
    • You can reproduce the bug if you choose two or more folders...
  • I think for the above a new ticket should be made.


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