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Reported by: Astea Owned by: peko
Priority: 3 Milestone: M04_PRE4
Component: BASE_BOOK_MODEL Version: 2.0
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Category: BASE Effort: 0.5
Importance: 0 Ticket_group: GROUP_LINKS_R0
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Analysis_owners: peko Design_owners: pap
Imp._owners: pap, kyli Test_owners:
Analysis_reviewers: kyli Changelog:
Design_reviewers: jani Imp._reviewers: meddle
Test_reviewers: Analysis_score: 4
Design_score: 3.5 Imp._score: 3.5
Test_score: 0


wiki page: BASE_MODEL_LINKS_R0 - effort: 0.5d

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3p. I think this analysis is quite poor.

  • It should at least define what should links be in our context (for example, in Sophie they are preented as frame with trigger, action and target).
  • You stated "Links are mainly defined and used with Frames" in the task requirements. In Sophie, only frames can be links. If you thinks links could be defined with other resources, you should have explained this.

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