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Priority: 3 Milestone: M04_PRE4
Component: BOOK_SAMPLING Version: 2.0
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wiki page: BOOK_TEMPLATES_BEHAVIOUR_R0 - effort: 1d

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Taken for analysis as it should be moved to this iteration

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done in 1.5 h

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moving due to dependencies

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The sentence "Book templates behavior defines what are the book templates, similarities and differences with other frames." makes no sense. In my opinion this task does NOT define what the template is, but how it is constructed. Similarities and differences have nothing to do with frames and with each other's book templates either. The behavior of templates may and should define what happens when a book has pages and the pages have frames. And that is to take their templates and put them in the list. What is common for all book templates and does not change their behavior is that no matter if the book has pages, a template of the book should be able to be created. The last should contain things like background, size timelines etc. And the thing is to provide how these will be put and stored in the template. In addition the person analyzing should probably state how the templates are being created. That is how one can create a template and what will happed if a templates is created (depending on the things that are currently included in the book). I think defining these things is enough for this revision.

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updating status of a grouped task

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