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wiki page: BOOK_FILE_OPERATIONS_R0 - effort: 1d

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  • The goal of this task isn't to create, save and open book files but to describe how should these operations be implemented in Sophie 2, as well as providing info on detailed versions of them such as "Save as", for instance. Also maybe other operations should be available and it could be considered in the analysis.
  • The Task requirements section contains just a list of operations with no details provided on what has to happen. At least to aspects could be covered -- functionality from implementation point of view as well as the end-user point of view, e.g. what operations should be implemented internally and what the user gets as UI options. Also, in every other analysis you've done, you use awkward indentation and some weird "EXTRA" notion. The idea is to write stuff in a standard way, (see PLATFORM_STANDARDS_GENERAL and related to see how things should be done), but not in some weird way.
  • Result of this task shouldn't be just code but also some more detailed design in the wiki.
  • Related problems and tasks should be expanded -- besides the one you've listed, you should note tasks related with the book format for instance, etc.

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