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Sophie Layout represents the overall layout of Sophie. It is represented by the following:

  • The Title Bar - typical for most applications.
  • The Menus Bar - containing basic menus.
  • The Workspace, which in turn contains:
    • Book's desktop
    • Book Tabbar
Note: Every Flap discussed below has Tabs, which in turn have Palettes. Flaps are resize-able, can be hidden, shown and moved elsewhere. 
These options apply to Tabs and Palettes as well. A Palette can be moved to a different Tab than its default one. 
Default Flaps with their Tabs and Palette are listed below: 
  • The Left Flap - positioned on the left of the Main Window. It contains:
    • The Books Tab
      • The Opened Books Palette
      • The Embedded Books Palette
    • The Pages Tab
      • The Page Preview Palette
      • The Page Structure Palette
    • The Tools Tab
      • The Searching Palette
      • The Search/Replace Palette
      • The Spellcheck Palette
    • The Annotations Tab
      • The Highlights Palette
      • The Stickies Palette
      • The Audio Recording Palette
    • The Timelines Tab with only one Palette displaying the Timelines.
  • The Right Flap - positioned on the right of the Main Window. It contains:
    • The Components Tab
    • The Resources Tab
    • The Servers Tab
  • The Bottom Flap containing only the Timeline Editor Tab and Palette.
  • The Status Bar - positioned at the bottom of the Main Window.