Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on 08/28/08 11:08:20

Editing of book templates must be as it follows below:

  • To make a book template, go to the File menu and choose Save Book Template.
  • By default the user will be taken to the default book template directory.
  • Book templates that are saved in this directory appear in the book templates palette.
  • When a book is saved as a book template, most content is deleted, essentially a book template is a collection of empty pages and frames ready for text insertion.
  • Book templates can’t contain links or timelines.
  • If the user tries to save a book as a book template that containslinks or timelines, a warning will appear and the user will not be permitted to save the book template.
  • The user can’t delete book templates from inside Sophie.
  • If want to get rid of his book templates, he needs to go to the default book template and delete the books from there. Some of the templates that appear in the book templates palette can’t be deleted because they come with Sophie.