Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on 08/28/08 12:35:26

Book modes are divided in two main groups - depending on connection to the server and visual modes.

  • View Modes
    • Edit Mode - This is the default view mode. It allows the user to edit the book and view some "invisible" in other modes tools like rulers, grid, cursors, paragraph and space symbols, frame bounds, flow frame connections, flaps, frames etc.
    • Preview Mode - This mode shows the page as it will look like in Reader. This mode is most convenient for reading books. It allows the user to test his links, events, etc.
    • Full Screen Mode - Full screen mode shows the book on top of Sophie window on full screen. It is useful for presentations.
  • Connection Modes
    • Online Mode - This is the default connection mode. The user can easily connect to a server, view published books, edit server books, publish his own book. Also when online, user may use remote resources to embed them into the book.
    • Offline Mode - When offline the user is not connected to server. He may work with local copies of books and upload version when Online again. The