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Book Window

Book window is the window where the books "live". Book windows are windows into the main application window. Each book window has it's own tab in the Opened Books Tabbar.

  • The book window defines several extension points. They are:
    • BookPanel - holds the elements that control the view of the book
    • BookPanelElement - an element controlling single aspect of the view
    • PageArea - displays single a page of a book
  • Base view of BookWindow:


  • UML diagram for Book window which is represented by BookView class in the project source code:


  • Book window behavior.
  • Each BookWindow is responsible for displaying a single book.
  • At the time of creation of a window it is bound to a book.
  • It is then responsible for displaying the current page of the book.
  • This is done through the extension connected to the PageArea extension point (if such is present).