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  • All created and loaded book extras sets should be listed in the Book Extras palette.
    • there must be visual marker that shows whether the extra is visible or not (e.g. colored are visible and black/white are hidden, see the schematics)
  • Each set is exported to different file
  • One set can contain different types of extras (e.g. one set can contain stickies and highlights)
  • The sets are displayed in the order they've been created/imported.
    • On the top are the first created/imported sets.
  • In each set the extras are ordered by type and order of creation (not modify).
  • In the current set buttons for creating new extras must appear, these buttons must be presented only on the current set.
  • At the top of all sets a buttons for new extras must be presented
    • If the user chooses to create new extra from there it is created in new set, to add extra to some of the other sets the user must first selected it and then to use the buttons for new extra which will appear
  • In the scenarios mentioned above, the "add new annotation set" button is unnecessary.
  • We also may need to consider different file extension if we plan to store different type of extras in one file, because the current .anno.s2 extension will be inadequate.
  • Book extras should support drag and drop
    • Dragging new extra button from Book extras palette to the page should create new extra of the selected type.
    • Dragging extras between two sets should move the dragged extra from one set to another.
    • Drag extra from the file system to Sophie should import the extra.
    • Drag extra from Sophie to the file system should export the corresponding extras set.
  • Editing, inserting, moving sickies should support undo/redo.
  • We should provide a way to save book extra sets within the book.

Existing book extras

  • Stickies
    • Stickies should have all characteristics that are common to all book extras and are listed in the upper section.
    • Stickies should support text styling (these depend highly on text).
      • Bold (Ctrl/Command + B)
      • Italic (Ctrl/Command + I)
      • Underline (Ctrl/Command + U)
      • These are to be decided whether we should support them when the text is pasted into the sticky
        • Striketrough
        • Text color
        • Background color
        • Font
    • Stickies should provide copy/paste functionality for text with style.
    • Stickies must be listed in the book extras palette (at the moment the palette containing them has only one button and it's pointless).
    • A couple of predefined colors changing with one click (because of the styled text yellow maybe not so good for some cases).
    • Stickies halos must be with similar styling to the rest of the application (now the icons, look like from other application).

Import and export of book extras

  • Probably it is a good idea the book to has some id that is used by the book extras
    • At the moment each time the user saves the book ref is changed and the stickies are no more associated to that book.
  • Some problems that may emerge
    • (Stickies related) When page is deleted and book extra (sticky set is imported) the stickies corresponding to the missing page shouldn't be displayed.

Possible future book extras

  • Bookmarks (similar to the ones in .pdf files)
    • Something like a quicklinks that the user can create for easier navigation within the book.
  • Highlights
    • These were planned originally for Sophie 2.0. They give the readers possibility to highlight certain text pasages.
      • For example, when the user has selected text the new highlight button will became active, so when the user click on it a new highlight of the selected text will be created. When there is no selection the new highlight button must be inactive.
  • Media (audio and/or video) annotations
    • Similar to the stickies but instead of a text they contain video or audio that the reader want to place somewhere in the book.
  • Additional frames added by the users but not part of the book (like a whole book page)
    • Sample use case: Book containing some Problems which solutions are more complex and contain graphics.
  • (not so sure about these)
    • Correction vizualization
    • Spyglass
      • Something like a frame that zooms only the content behind it. An accessability feature that may come handy to some users with eye problems.