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Drag and drop

What do we have?

  • Copy paste text from/to Sophie
  • Drag in resources except books
    • To PWA
    • To Resources palette

What do we need?

  • Copy/paste images from/to Sophie (image frames)
  • Copy/paste files from/to Sophie (other files)
  • Drag in books to Sophie
  • Drag out resources - to create s2 resource
  • Drag out binaries - to export binaries
    • All kind of resources
  • 15px inside border drop zone

  • Page reorder

What else?

  • Usability improvements
    • When dragging resource/template from resource palette to PWA
      • (green) filter when you will create a new instance (or frame for resources)

  • (red) filter if you will change the resource of the frame or apply template

  • (blue) filter when you are about to drop in the invisible drop zone (for background)

  • Note that filters should be applied only to elements that are affected respecting the z-order