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Everywhere same behavior

  • F1 Open Help system
  • F11 Full Screen mode
  • Esc Window mode
  • Alt+F File Menu
  • Alt+E Edit Menu
  • Alt+I Insert menu
  • Alt+W Window Menu
  • Alt+H Help menu
  • Alt+F4 Close
  • Ctrl+Tab Scroll forward between opened book windows
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab Scroll backwards between opened tabs
  • Ctrl+N Create a new book
  • Ctrl+O Open book
  • Ctrl+W Close book
  • Ctrl+Z Undo last group of changes
  • Ctrl+Y Redo last group of changes
  • Ctrl+C Copy selected element (selection, etc)
  • Ctrl+D Duplicate selected element (for frames - with 10 pixels offset if it is in the same book)
  • Ctrl+X Cut selected element (copy and delete on paste)
  • Ctrl+V Paste selected element. If an element is pasted on the same page, it is inserted with an offset
  • Ctrl+G Group selected elements
  • Ctrl+F Find (how? palette or dialogue?)
  • Ctrl+H Replace (how? palette or dialogue?)

  • Ctrl+P print current document
  • Ctrl+S save current document
  • Ctrl+Shift+S save current document as

Focus dependent shortcuts

  • Ctrl+A Select all (text, frames, menu items)

Text editing shortcuts

  • Ctrl+U underline selected text
  • Ctrl+I apply italics style to selected text
  • Ctrl+B apply bold style to selected text