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Urgent Goals

Before 2009-07-17 we need to achieve the following:

  • product
    • repository branching
    • Gaining functionality needed for the seventh release as stated by the schedule
    • tuning
    • bugs to fix
    • things to remove
    • things to disable
    • files to download
    • final delivery
  • documentation
    • download page
    • release documentation
    • user documentation
    • installation instructions


Download Page

Release Document

  • Scripting without actual book manipulation
  • Editable stickies
  • Stickies can be exported to a file and later opened along with a book both in author and reader
  • Text frames chaining
  • Very basic client-server
  • Basic timelines.

  • Known issues
    • Text background is white
    • Links do not work
    • Pause doesn’t respond in preview
    • When grouping, z-order is messed up (frames enter in the group in order of selection)
    • "Here will be the books background" text is seen when the desktop book size is small.
    • Sometimes book focus is lost - especially when a preview of a book is closed. This may cause inserting frames in wrong book (not focused one).
    • Padding works strange - instead of making content smaller, it makes the frame bigger
    • Gradients are not saveable - if you use gradients, they won't be saved.
    • Extensions are not added automatically on Open dialog - this means that you have to add them yourself if you wish to type in filename instead of clicking it.
    • Trying to open unexisting files crashes application
    • Book window is restored if maximized on save as
    • Book window maximize is incorrect sometimes (when it is not fully visible at the moment of maximization)
    • Page border in preview is always red 10px.
  • Notes
    • Timelines - Current implementation of the timelines is just a prototype – it is relatively stable, but misses a lot of functionalities. The final implementation will
      • Support groups – though groups’ timelines are shown, the actual functionality is missing
      • Support property changing – now implemented is only the frame visibility
      • Support links – integration between timelines and links is on it’s way
      • Support relative timing – now all timelines are played simultaneously when the preview is opened
      • Support intro, main part (that can be looped) and outro – in this prototype these were just not needed – when the relative timing is implemented, each object will live in its active time and intro, main and outro will be reasonable.
      • Have timing for each page – Currently, the times are synchronized with a global book timer. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release.

User Documentation

  • This should be the documentation for all features available in the released downloadable. This includes new features, old features and updates done to them. This way we could iteratively form the final user docs.
  • Currently at ITERATION_10/Release/UserDocumentation

Installation Instructions

  • installation instructions (MAC/Windows/Linux). Mac java tweaking instructions.



Always write where is the result of the task you completed. This would be the changeset with thorough commit comment for coding and a link to the wiki page for a document.

Promised Features

  • More stable product.

Release Tuning

  • Fix the about dialog to be alpha-3

Bugs to Fix

Things to Remove

Things to Disable

Final Delivery


Current downloadable