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Functionalities that should be working prior to submitting a task for review

  • General
    • Maven build
    • True author run
    • True reader run
    • True server run
  • Visual
    • Rotation of elements
    • Zoom out of the book window
    • Zoom in of the book window
    • Author with book in preview mode
    • Author with full screen
    • Author with both full screen and preview mode
    • Check all available skins. The visual appearance of Sophie should change appropriately.
    • Grouping of elements
      • EXAMPLE: If you test a chaining try to group 2 of 3 text frames inside single chain
      • EXAMPLE: If you test a link functionality make sure that the target is preserved after grouping.
    • Insertion of all available types of content.
    • Persisting the book, and loading it. Maybe it's good the loading to be tested in the Reader. Backward-compatible persistence.
    • If you work on the text don't break the current styles, chaining, selection, layout, deleting and copy-paste.