Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on 09/11/08 17:52:20

Page HUD provides access to page and controls:

  • Border part
    • Border Size - Deifnes in pixels the size of page's border
    • Border Increase / Decrease icons
    • Border Color - Deifnes the color of page's border
  • Background part
    • Background - the image or color displayed on a page behind the visible content
    • Background Image - the picture behind frame's content
    • Background Color - the color behind frame's content
    • Background Color icon
    • Background opacity – increase/decrease opacity of the page
    • Background Color picker - tool used for the purposes of background color management, creating color schemes, picking colors, and more.
  • Shadow part
    • Shadow coordinates – sets X and Y coordinate fields
    • Opacity – incrase/decrease opacity of the shadow.