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Platform Deployment Build Ant

Apache Ant is integrated in Maven using maven-ant-plugin, so there is goal in Maven named ant. You have two options which are ant:ant and ant:clean.

  • executing mvn ant:ant Maven create build.xml files which can be used by Ant later
  • executing mvn:clean removes the created build.xml files if there are any.

Here are some instructions and examples for maven-ant-plugin: Good tutorial to get into Apache Ant:
You must follow the steps explained in PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW page to have Ant installed on your machine. Now you can build the project using Ant with the commands 'ant ' +:

  • clean - remove all artifact files
  • test - run the test(when a test failed, the build failed too) Note: for running the tests with Ant you have to add in ant lib directory junit.jar package (download:
  • compile - compile the Java source code to class files
  • package - package the project(not yet configured)


  • The page with the description of Ant installation does not exist. --boyan@2009-02-02