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Sophie 2.0 consists of three editions(plug-in sets):

  • org.sophie2.reader
  • org.sophie2.server

Each edition is runnable through:

  • Eclipse, using some fake classes that simulate plug-in behavior
  • Apache Felix OSGI implementation.

Every edition has the following structure:

  • / - main application catalog
    • /modules/ - containes plug-ins(in the form of jar-files or unpacked jar-files) that are/can be used in this edition
    • /conf/ - contains plug-ins configuration files and global configuration files
    • /log/ - contains application log(s)
    • /data/ - contains mutable resources(i.e book templates).
    • run-files

At this time each edition has its own module. It is responsible for loading the correct set of plug-ins.


  • Currently there is still no Reader edition amd the structure is not as described. Should be fixed in the next revision. --boyan@2008-22-12