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Depends on the chosen plug-in framework. We need a library that will reduce the effort of working with plug-ins.

Task requirements

  • The library should have capabilities for
    • Listing extension points of a given plug-in
    • Listing extensions implementing a given extension point.
      • Directly extending the extension points
      • Extending an extension point, inheriting the given one.
    • Easy instantiation of extension classes
    • Getting plug-in meta information
  • Find places in the application where it can be used and integrate it.

Task result

The result must be source code.

How to demo

Show an use of each of the required capabilities.


The chosen plug-in framework is Apache Felix.

DemoTest source code


For now we have our implementation in modularity module for starting the modules.
The current code can be easily converted into Apache Felix way to do that.

Implemented source code


  • Make diagram in the next revision. (Pav)


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