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The mailing list must provide to the registered users information about the current state of Sophie 2.0, and give them opportunity to participate in the product's development.

Task requirements

  • Create several mail groups with different purposes: sophie2-dev (about development process and internal problems) and sophie2-user (about Sophie use) and add people
  • Maintain the groups
  • Answer to the mails
  • Send mails with monthly status
  • Archive with all mails should be available and publicly browseable

Task Result

Result of this task must be mail list.

How to demo

Go to the mail groups in google and see the welcoming mail. People must have received "welcome" message, and be able to browse the archive in the group.


  • to use LISTSERV we have to set up a server, for now we use Google groups
  • research mailing list software applications and if there is no more suitable use Google groups
  • create sophie2-devs and sophie2-users public groups


These groups allow subscribing without invitation. devs. Currently invited and subscribed users are:

miloslav (milo) - Manager fire4o (pap) - Manager Pavlina Koleva (pav) - Group owner peko - Manager Peter Griffin (pacitu) - Manager Tanya (tanya) - Manager deyan - Manager todor - Manager



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