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Beta 1 bugs

Please test True author from svn:// See also 32. Report bugs on this page.

UI: Sophie2 skin (alpha) should be the default skin for the beta. --boyan

Text: Style is applied to all the text in the frame (not only to the selection). --boyan

Text: Crash when deleting the end of the text (position the cursor at the end and press delete twice). --boyan

Text: When you try to delete a selection, only one symbol is deleted. --boyan

Text: When you delete the first symbol of the text, styling is lost. --boyan

UI: Content halo is hidden by the title bar in Sophie2 skin

UI: Rotate halos are mistaken in Sophie2 skin

UI: Colors are not seen in Sophie 2 skin (colors, image rectangles in HUDs)

Text: Lines overlap when typing in Lucida 16px

Text: Setting italic fontstyle breaks striketrough and underline styles

Text: Font not saved? Type some text, change font, go to first possible position of the text. Deselect the frame, select it again and open text hud. Font says "Monospaced 16"

UI: Sticky button is aligned inconsistantly with other buttons in the tab

Templates: Trying to add text frame with text as template breaks application (crash)

UI: Dialogs look bad in Sophie2 skin - text fields cannot be recognized.

UI: HUDs are skinned only if they a HUD is opened when you change the skin - Sophie2 skin (look of the HUD, some things are changed)

UI: Hidden flaps are shown when skin is changed.

UI: Timelines flap often gets focus. This one is reported, but just found a way to reproduce it every time. Create 2-3 book and start scrolling between them clicking their title bars for example. No matter what was selected in the book, timeline flap always gets focus.

Creating a new book with no title is possible and creates a tiny button in the tabbar.

Creating a new book with long title causes Sophie not to create a tab for this book at all. Create a book with the following title "a lot of text will probably be displayed ugly in opened books tabbar". The tab is not displayed if there is no space for it. Hiding the right flap makes Sophie display the tab.

Book title should be cut after fixed amount of symbols in the tabbar. For example - 20 followed by "..." if there are more symbols

Book desktop scrollbars appear on book window change instead of desktop book change.

UI: When the bottom panel is closed, I get a crash changing to the Sophie2 (alpha) skin running on a Mac with Apple Java 6. Bug report attached. --danvisel

UI: Switching from default skin > Sophie 2 (alpha) skin > alternative skin > default skin doesn't return the default skin: menu bars are green. --danvisel

UI: Inactive buttons should be gray in Sophie 2 skin

UI: Switching skin resets the flap view - for example current tab.

UI: Close default book, switch to new skin, create new book - there's a delay, then a crash, attached. --danvisel - nenko

UI: In Sophie2 skin there is no indication witch element is selected inside the combo box.

Links: The 'Go to page...' and 'Go to next page' link actions cause an exception. - nenko

Links: Invalid links (for example 'Toggle frame' and no frame specified) crash. - nenko

Preview: Book preview does not show specified border and background but default ones.

Persistence: Opening a book twice doesn't show the book second time. - Open a book, close it and open it again. Only grey area is seen. (this happens sometimes, cannot reproduce it exactly)

HUDs: OK icons are not displayed for color, image and pattern

Full screen mode: switching to full screen shows scrollbars - probably page work area not calculated correctly.

Importing a large text file (8kb) using Insert > Plain Text causes Sophie to become unresponsive for a long time (no response for 10 minutes). --danvisel

UI: Getting back from full screen mode hides book desktop's page work area. Hit F11 twice when you are focused on book desktop.

Text: Cursor is seen in preview mode (already reported, but should be fixed)

Text tweak: Default font should be changed to something nice looking.

UI: Focus is set to book desktop when you close a book. If you work on book A, switch to book B and close book B, focus is set to book desktop instead of book A.

Frames should have 0 border and padding by default. Probably text frames only should have some default padding.

First video frame should be seen in author mode

Video: Frames for small video files (140x105px) are larger (160x120) and video is not streched.

Save book confirmation would be useful. Since we have changes palette that shows changes, it would be nice if Save changes dialog is implemented.

Video: Default frame size is again 160x120

File insert: forbid inserting files of non-supported filetypes at least. Do not allow inserting avi instead of audio for example. This one is still present.

Embedded books: Embedded books should not be linked but true embedded.

Video: Non supported videos are inserted with a default resoution and are not played. Is there a way to inform the user that this video won't be playable?

Embedding book A in book B, saved and then tried to embed book B in book A. Sophie stops responding. Actually, trying to embed a book in itself makes Sophie stop responding.

Gradients: When the two centers of the "circles" that are dragged to change the gradient size coincide the application throws an exception.

Book Desktop: When changing the size of the default page, no scrollers appear no matter how big will you make it.

Skins: Selection is not highlighted in textboxes; Sophie2 skin

Text: Every time you try to change the font, sophie throws an exception (this happens only if the text frame is not in book but on the books desktop).

HTML insert causes crash

Text: Chaining between two pages is impossible. Now you can chain only frames on one page.

Text: Crash on different occasions with Position not in text exception - e.g. when you delete some text, type some new and try to open the text style HUD. Difficult to reproduce.

Text: Insert a text frame, type in some text, make a selection, type in a letter. Selection is not replaced by the letter

Text: Impossible to select font on Mac Sophie using regular skin - drop-down menu doesn't appear correctly. See attached screenshot "impossible to select font.png". --danvisel

UI: Rotate halos in the new skin are on backwards: clicking the clockwise arrow rotates the frame counterclockwise, clicking the counterclockwise arrow rotates the frame clockwise. --danvisel

UI: Books and previews in default skin don't show up in tab bar. Switching to another skin makes buttons for the books appear. --danvisel