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GUI related tasks

  • Test in fullscreen
  • Test shortcuts
  • Check tooltips and titles

Book related tasks

  • Test autochaining
  • Test rtf import
  • Test media (linked, embedded)
  • Test browser and comment frames
  • Test pdf
  • Test embedded book
  • Test wrapping
  • Test visibility, media state channels and links
  • Test image and gradient backgrounds (DND and HUD)
  • Create templates of all of these
  • Create intstances of some
  • Apply some
  • Save and reload
  • Test package and open


  • Test Export to PDF
  • Test frame alignment
  • Test grouping
  • Enter/leave group

Book extras

Drag and drop

  • External resource
  • Page to palettes
  • Frame to palettes
  • Page to PWA
  • Frame to PWA
  • Page book to book
  • Frame book to book
  • Template book to book


  • Test register
  • Test anonymous
  • Test all book related
  • Test Drag and drop
  • Test collaboration if possible


  • Test bats
  • Test executables
  • Test sh scripts linux
  • Test sh scripts mac
  • Test installers windows
  • Test installers mac
  • Test different author, reader and server seperately (one OS only)
  • Test command line book open

-- bugs --

  • Comment streams do not create new frames
  • In full screen, selecting in a file dialog hides the dialog and it cannot be used
  • When embedding small size video, the size is not calculated correctly