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Generally OK but I have some remarks:

  • The registerModule method in the TrueModuleRegistry class you state that no module can be registered twice. But you use this method in the start method os SophieModule. The last is called every time an OSGI bundle is activated so when we implement hot enabling of plug-ins this will cause problems. Perhaps you should unregister modules when they are stopped
  • In the setup method of the swingComponent property of the PluginAboutPalette class you do a try/catch of a NullPointerException. In this case you should use a conditional operator checking whether the pluginsPalette or its firstSelectedItem property is null. What you have done is quite a bad practice as the generation and transferring of the stack trace of the exception is something slow.
  • The case is the same with the findModulesDir method in the FileEntryManager class.
  • The get method of the FileEntryManager class has incorrect JavaDoc
  • I think that there is a mising else clause in the getRoRoots method in the FileEntryManager class. IMHO for jar files you add src and target entries.
  • Also I think it is good to add yourself to the authors list in the classes JavaDoc when you modify them. I.e. the TrueModuleRegistry class
  • Although it may look a bit clumsy but I think it is better if you make all those strings in the FileEntryManager class constants ("target", "tmp-distrib", "resources", etc.).
  • It is good idea to minimize the scope and lifespane of variables. This is done by declaring them where you need them and not in the begining of a method. I.e. in the getReadableFileEntry method in the FileEntryManager class you should declare and initialize the roRoots variable just before the for statement or even in the statement itself. This way you will save some unnecessary computations.

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