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The task result "Created distribution with assembly plugin." is not stated anywhere in the task requirements. Otherwise the analysis is good endough. Maybe it is a good idea to put the naming convention for the modules in some of the wiki pages (e.g. PLUGIN_MODULE_STRUCTURE) so that it is easily reachable. (30m)

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Nice but has some drawbacks:

  • Updates to the PLUGIN_MODULE_STRUCTURE wiki page are mandatory in my opinion. If you decide that there will be no time for the diagrams you should at least mention in the wiki page that they are outdated.
  • The "implementation of concrete base library" rule is not correct. It should be something like "Name the module like the implemented library but with main instead of base and a suffix that describes the implementation. (org.sophie2.base.lib_name -> org.sophie2.main.lib_name.impl_name)"

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