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Tweak: Preview mode with full screen crashes the application

Reported by: dido Owned by: diana
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  • Open to preview mode
  • Press F11 to go full screen
  • Close the preview

As result the application crashes.

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In MDMainWindow::setup check if the currentWindow is nulland if so then use the desktopView instead in order not to crash the project.

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source: [4178]

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  • There is no design. You shuld explain what is causing the crash and what is the error in the code. Also you should fix the actual problem not the symptom (in this case the resulting null value).
  • I don`t think this is the appropriate way to solve this issue. You may see the BookLogic opperations for deselection \ closing of a bookwindow.
  • When you can use if-else it is better that if and return at the end of its body.
  • If you are copying code you should make a method that is used in the two places insted of dublicating the code.
  • (by meddle) Your spacing is bad.

comment:10 Changed 11 years ago by meddle

  • About identation : I told you to set the eclipse's tabs to be 4 spaces and to use ctrl+i on a selected text to indent it. A simple solution when you are done writing a file just do ctrl+a (select everything in the file), ctrl+i (ident everything that is selected).

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