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Analysis looks fine. However note that in design section must be mentioned exactly which of the fields should be required(if any) and which should be optional for the user to send.
Also if the attached file is too big, there should be indication for uploading, sending progress etc. And there should be a message whether the report was send successfully or not. If we are able to add part of this functionality in this revision it will be lovely.
Analysis Reviewed 3.5p (10m)

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The bug report address must be configurable. Can you use the configuration module for this?

Multipart request

I think that ConnectionUtil is not a good idea. There is more than enough static code in sophie2.
It is better to create a MultiparRequest class which can be used as follwing

String urlAddress;// The address
String[] paramNames;// The names
Object[] paramValues;// The values
MultiparRequest request = new MultiparRequest(urlAddress, paramNames, paramValues);
try {
  String response = request.send();
} catch (IOException e) {
  // Handle exception logic

sophie2.org stuff

  • What is the response returned by the server (php script)?
  • There is nothing about how you plan to implement the server side logic - php/sql stuff. Why php and what database will you use. Postgresql is a good choice, mysql too, but you have to propose one, and with a reason.
  • The php code and schema for the database must be added under version control, however they are not part of sophie2-platform so we need to create a new folder in svn as is manage to hold sophie2.org resources. We may call it server-config or something else. The applet configuration, cert creation, hudson scripts should also be there but it is not related with this task. However php and sql stuff are. Maybe pap can help with svn configuration.

comment:7 Changed 13 years ago by deni

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  • Accepted ang attaches files copied to appropriate locations
  • There were some fixes especially to the php code and its configurability
  • The bug report dialog looks bad as internal design.

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